Private Gin Tasting The Bär


The best way to enjoy our Tastings!

Just you and your friends and our Bartender and Master Infusionist. 

Over 2 Hours with all the info about Gin you are going to need to impress your friends (your unlucky friends that didn't came to the tasting that is)

What was the "Gin Craze"?

Why Juniper Berries?

What is "Navy Strenght"?

How to know what garnish I am suppose to use?

All of this and much more while tasting 5 different Gins, eating some delicious Finger Food and having a good time with your friends!


Pick a date and book us!


UPDATE April 2022: All regulations have been cancelled by the government. Therefor we don't hold anymore regulations in place for our tastings. 

If a participant shows cold or flu symptoms on the day of the tasting, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the tasting without refund.